Emotional Intelligence Coaching for Parents

Why the need?

Lack of empathy, apathy and impulse control are the biggest threat to the next generation we are raising.

There is an independent and collective need to teach our children how to care, how to build courage, show gratitude and resilience such that we equip them with healthy methods of self-management as adults.

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Who is it for?

You are a parent, you are a grandparent, you are a primary or secondary caregiver, you are a teacher or is closely involved with children This is pro bono for parents who have specially gifted children. This is also a pro bono for grandparents. Let's keep learning alive!!

Take away after the program

You will learn how to nurture and coach your child to identify meta emotions.

Enable them to take control of their actions when emotional, help your child regulate their own emotional state, teach your child how to generate resourceful state, help your child develop empathy by helping them become aware and understand the emotional state of other people.

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What the program covers?

The Alpha course on Emotional Intelligence

This course teaches emotion coaching techniques for parents to learn, practice and pass on to their children. The course emphasizes the identification of emotions to help manage and regulate emotions regulation, and focuses on building empathy in children.

The workshop also uncovers your belief systems, your parenting style and your congruence with your value system to align to your most authentic self.

How is this done?

The mechanics

A full-day workshop followed by 5 online practice labs and 3 in-person meetups. Finally, participants to create their thought and behavior journeys into a case study for reflection.

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Workshops and Certification

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Workshop & Certification

Call or Drop-in an email to us and we will keep you posted on the schedule