What would lead me to the Emotional Intelligence Coaching Certification?

Emotional Intelligence for Psychological Well Being


Importance, motivation to do this, the reason behind

You have talents to listen, people find comfort when they speak to you, you can empathize deeply with people, you can suspend your judgment in favor of giving others the benefit of doubt. You know you can make a difference, you can contribute and create an impact on people's lives. You believe in the importance of Emotional Intelligence and you want to be an Emotional Intelligence Coach. That would be your unique and differentiating signature. However, you do not know where to start or how to create a structure to embark on your journey with confidence, conviction, and credibility.

You want to go deeper into the science and art of emotional intelligence and feel confident when speaking to your clients as a coach.

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Who is it for?

Individuals, HR, and non-HR professionals, this is pro bono for mental health practitioners

Take away after the program

Identify and understand your emotional graph, your emotional strengths, and maturity

  • Learn how to develop high self-regard and self-regard for others
  • Learn how to develop a higher degree of self-awareness and high awareness of others
  • Learn how to listen at a factual, emotional and intuitive level
  • Learn how to manage emotions by extracting data from your clients' Emotions and integrating it into your clients' decisions and behavior
  • Learn how to pose an emotionally intelligent question in your coaching work
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What the program covers?

Master Class on Emotional Intelligence for Psychological Well Being

How is this done?

The mechanics

  • 2 days workshop on Emotional Intelligence Coaching
  • 7 online practice labs over 2 months
  • 2 one-on-one exclusive coaching sessions
  • Create a thought and behavior journal into a case study for reflection
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Workshops and Certification

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Workshop & Certification

Call or Drop-in an email to us and we will keep you posted on the schedule