The how of the transformation is the approach.

Emotional Intelligence

At CoachCoegi, we go back to the building blocks of our evolution. Before we evolved to think, we learned to feel. The first thing we learned to feel was fear, which informed our decision to fight or flight. It was the most rudimentary form of decision making. Fast forward 21st century, we discovered all the feelings and emotions that swamp us today. And lord behold!! We are the only creatures on this planet who have learned to have an opinion about our thoughts and emotions. This means we can ponder upon our thinking and emote over our emotions or vice versa.

A list of emotions will come here... Joy, acceptance, happiness, enjoyment, fear, surprise, sadness, disgust, despondency, anger, contempt, guilt, shame, elation, jubilant. Care to pick a few of these emotions? Next, apply intensity to these emotions in varying degrees like low, mild and strong.

Now check the quality of decisions you get?

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What's the emergent thought? How is this feeding your actions? Are you enjoying the outcome?

CoachCoegi helps you understand and become aware of your emotional quotient and intensity gradient. Armed with this knowledge you can start altering your emotions and move to more emotionally intelligent decisions. Learning how to emotionally regulate yourself, and maneuver emotions of those around you have a life-altering impact across all spheres of your life. It impacts your presence, your listening, your commitment, and your authenticity. As a parent, as a spouse, as an employer, as a leader and as an individual.

CoachCoegi is committed to the cause of creating a more emotionally intelligent planet that allows for higher-order thinking and living.

Strengths-Based Conversations

There’s a reason. It’s your talents.

Our talents help us understand who we are. They describe us. They help us understand how we naturally think and feel, and they can shed light on our behaviors. They help us filter our world. In short, they affect our ability to reach our goals and desired outcomes. But before you can intentionally invest in your talents, you must first appreciate the variety and intricacy of your talents. Your talents give you unique power and edge. Your talents represent innate power and potential. At CoachCoegi we aim to help you appreciate and value your talents and assume responsibility for using them.

We use Clifton’s Strength finder to walk through your
  • Signature theme report
  • Top five theme insight statement
  • Theme sequence report (all 34)

We create a Talent Map of your dominant talents. We uncover the application of your strengths from our coaching conversations and develop an individualized approach to help you see and appreciate how your dominant themes influence your behavior, activities, and relationships. CoachCoegi works with you to build these talent muscles such that you forge potential possibilities in the future constantly leveraging your strengths and experience a richer, more rewarding journey. CoachCoegi help you claim the intricacies and power of your top themes and carefully examine each of these dominant themes, considering how they influence your ability to:

Acceptance Commitment Therapy

Coaching at heart revolves around helping motivate you to achieve your goals and life purposes driven by values. This starts taking more concrete shape when you start aligning yourself bit by bit, day by day, action by action to your intentions. Coaching assumes you know what is best for you and that you have all the resources within you to plan for your future and craft your own transformation journey. Keeping this intention alive as a living breathing thing. However, many times we get stuck not making enough progress.

This is where Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) comes in. ACT revolves around value congruence and unblocking psychological inflexibilities to generate empowerment, vitality, bring down mental barriers and diffuse negative emotions. ACT creates a fundamental shift in your perspective of who you are and your relation to your problem. Diffusing from your problem allows you to create space and allow the mind to expand to do its best work.

ACT is not a therapy. ACT is a way of living.

ACT is a philosophy that is generative and wholesome for the mind and soul to live better every single day.

Key factors to psychological inflexibility

Manifestations of psychological inflexibility (how do you know you could be suffering from psychological inflexibility). You (or others) may identify yourself with one or more of these characteristics.


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