What would lead me to Millennial Coaching?

Millennial Coaching


Importance, motivation to do this, the reason behind

You are a successful Gen X manager who is experiencing changing dynamics in your team which is impacting your deliverables, style of working, team morale and efficiency. You feel as if you don't quite understand your team behavior or attitude anymore. Communication and ease of working are not what it used to be. You are puzzled why leading a team has become more demanding. You are aware that you need to understand your team’s mindset better to lead them well.

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Is this for you?


Yes, if you are a middle to a senior executive with 15 to 20 years of experience. You have more than 30% of your staff below the age of 35. And there is a good possibility that this percentage will increase in the coming years.

What happens in Millennial Coaching?

Impact, what do you achieve

This is your psychological space to think, observe, reflect, learn and develop new perspectives on human motivation. You learn to expand your worldview, suspend judgment and find new ways of being that allow you to be at peace with different work styles, need for reward & recognition and attitudes of the Millennial Generation.

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How is this done?

The mechanics

This is achieved over 8 consecutive sessions over 4 months either in person or over the phone.

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