What would lead me to Parental Coaching?

Parental Coaching


Importance, motivation to do this, the reason behind

Because you are an intentional, well-meaning and involved parent who wants to be more self-aware and informed about their parental style. You want to know what psychological impact your language, behavior and belief systems have on your child.

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Is this for you?


You want your child to develop through healthy psychological phases and develop the right attitude and emotional resources to self manage situations and decisions as an adult. If this resonates with the way you think, then this is for you.

What happens in Parental Coaching?

Impact, what do you achieve

We do not discuss your child here. We explore your behavior and mindset to see how it enables or pulls back your child from developing healthy psychological growth. We explore your worries, your concerns, your ambitions, your drives and how they impact your child's attitude and mindset.

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How is this done?

The mechanics

On-demand either in person or over the phone. This is pro bono for parents whose child is exploring a career in sports, creative and performing arts!

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