What would lead me to Power Coaching?

Power Coaching


Importance, motivation to do this, the reason behind

You are successful, self-assured, and a deterministic leader. You almost always know what you need to do. Somehow, in certain situations you may feel stuck or confused or lack clarity on how to move forward, or lack clarity on what is the right thing to do... in those moments a coach can partner with you to bring you out of your story and help drive clarity, decision and discover alternative pathways to move forward.

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Is this for you?


Yes, if you are a senior executive, you travel often, sleepless, you shoulder and shape significant responsibility of the company’s vision and success.

What happens in Power Coaching?

Impact, what do you achieve

This is your psychological space to think and reflect aloud what is not working, where you need clarity, what you need to do to unblock yourself or build a new perspective to resolve your current state of mind.

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How is this done?

The mechanics

This is achieved over 3 consecutive sessions either in person or over the phone.

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