Strengths-Based Program for Youth and Adolescents

Why the need?

The mind does its best work when it is thinking from a place of natural flow, positivity, and confidence. However, we often rob children of this natural thought and creativity by giving them our (and society) templates to work with. We tell our children to become all-rounders, we tell them what’s not right with them and ask them to develop and sharpen skills and way of thinking that doesn't resonate with their thoughts. Wouldn't it be much nicer if we could understand how our children are wired internally, what unique talents they possess which when allowed to blossom and nurtured will give them a far great chance at a happier and more fulfilling life?

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Who is it for?

Children between 15 and 25 years of age, this is pro bono for specially gifted children

Take away after the program

  • Identify your talents and accept them as your best friends
  • Develop a mindset to think and approach life from your Strengths
  • Learn how viewing the world through talent lense can convert your thoughts and actions to Strengths
  • Help parents and youth understand the concept of basements and balconies to manage their strengths
  • Help parents and youth develop an action plan of nurturing raw talents into mature strengths
  • Help parents understand their child’s signature talent themes and how it makes them unique
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What the program covers?

The Master Class on Strengths for Youth and Adolescents uncovers the top 10 talent themes of your child.

It introduces the child to the concept of talents and strengths, balconies and basements. The program helps them to name their talents (awareness), aim their talents (understand) and claim their talents (accept and develop a mental model of operating with them).

How is this done?

The mechanics

A full day Strengths workshop followed by 3 one-on-one coaching sessions and one exclusive coaching session with the parents.

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Workshops and Certification

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Workshop & Certification

Call or Drop-in an email to us and we will keep you posted on the schedule