Transformation is about evolving.

Transformation is about evolving. Transformation requires shedding baggage. Transformation requires questioning, clarifying, organising, arranging, re-arranging, modifying, absorbing, soaking, emerging, re-emerging in our potentials, values, beliefs, worries, concerns, abilities, hopes, aspirations and all that is new and old to reflect and understand what our inner compass is telling us.

When we can pause, breathe and reflect on these soulful wonderments within our mind and body is when transformation happens.

We all have unique strengths that define us. These create unique abilities and talents. CoachCoegi aims to understand your internal motivations and how those shape your understanding of your universe and aspirations. CoachCoegi combines this knowledge with your strengths to help you become awareness of the workings of your mind and what emerges when the mind expands to accommodate new inputs, new dimensions and what new possibilities emerge that takes you beyond what is know to your current abilities. This is called unlocking your potential.


If you knew right now that you could do anything with the life you want, what would you choose to do?

Our choices define who we are and what becomes of us. But how do we come to make these choices and what happens after we make them? How do we move to nudge our way forward despite less than favorable conditions? Our quality of thinking decides our quality of action. So what are you thinking?

At CoachCoegi, we believe the quality of conversation holds the key to the quality of thinking. CoachCoegi strives to bring forward-looking, emergent, new emotive, higher EQ understanding to generate new pathways of possibilities. The science is called “neuroplasticity” and the art, “Transformative Coaching”.

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Unlocking potential is about making mental shifts. They require you to become more informed and aware of your experiences through your perspective. When you can influence the transformation of these experiences through your perspectives, it is when you find your intent, your purpose, your desire.

Coaching Conversations at CoachCoegi come from a place of respect and belief in your abilities & strengths. So it is a matter of finding that place inside you that wants to express and shine, through deep reflection and meaningful conversation.


Being the best version of yourself. A few achieve it in this lifetime, some try, most just make it to the next day.

What will it be for you?

Mastery is an intention. Mastery happens by design. Through choices. In the mind first, action second. Mastery is when you apply your strengths and purpose to your skills and talent to hone your craft, day in and day out. But what tips it in favor of achieving the peak of your potential is when you learn to shift the pieces of your destiny in your mind, with your mind and draw a completely new image with new possibilities, and altering realities. That’s when you become your best self. That’s transformation.

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