What is Coaching?

Coaching is a journey - A person seeks coaching when they believe they need a navigator for their journey - when they believe in alternative perspective or a broadening of their outlook will make them more effective - even better than they are today.

Coaching is the process of imagining, clarifying and choosing. It helps you draw out the map, select the mode of transportation, and in the process learn a new way to travel. Clarifies direction and destination, unleashes potential and resources, accelerates progress, removes obstacles, builds bridges.

Autonomy? Purpose? Mastery?

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The sense of high that you can only get when you are one with your core values, beliefs, abilities, and aspirations. Those values & beliefs that are liberating from thought boundaries, your conscious and unconscious fears, and come from the most innate place of motivation – The Authentic & Purposeful You!

We are put on earth to be just that! Authentic & Purposeful. But the road to finding this universal oneness within yourself needs constant nurturing, shaping, finding, defining & redefining. Through the proverbial 7 stages of life, we change as our role in the circle of life changes. But to find your true north, you need to do more than just change & adapt. You need to transform!

Transformation is about evolving, requires shedding baggage. Transformation through questioning, clarifying, organising, arranging, re-arranging, modifying, absorbing, soaking, emerging, re-emerging in our potentials, values, beliefs, worries, concerns, abilities, hopes, aspirations and all that is new and old to reflect and understand what our inner compass is telling us.

When we can pause, breathe and reflect on these soulful wonderments within our mind and body is when transformation happens.

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Coaching could be for you,
if you are...

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A corporate executive who is doing well and wants to unlock his potential

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A leader who is looking for perspective to be more authentic

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A leader who wants to instill a culture of coaching in your organisation

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An Individual looking for personal growth and transformation

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An Individual undergoing personal or professional transitions

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An Individual looking for new beginnings

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A well-intentioned parent who wants to do more for your child

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An Individual who is at a crossroad

What is Coach's role?

A Coach is a person who invests in and interacts with an individual, partnerships, or team for the primary purpose of stimulating, motivating, and facilitating the growth, development, and performance of that individual, partnership, or team.

    Highest level of engagement - individual attention

    A coach works on either the Coachee's agenda or the organization

    Helps challenge assumptions and beliefs

    Help stay on track and keeps check on the end goals

    Discover their potentials and strengths and operate at the highest level of performance

    Your coach will be non-directive and non-judgemental

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What is Coachee's role?

To be coachable, you must ensure that

    Your intent to change and desire to change is serious

    Willingness to try new ways of learning, truthful, keep your commitments

    Willingness to explore, challenge and change thoughts, feelings, and actions

    You understand that the focus will be you, your goals, your best interest

    Solutions have to come from you

    Stay on course and bring to the coach's notice when something is not working for you


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